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Designers is a professional portal website concentrating on the introduction of designers and design exhibition contest of various kinds, complemented by the release of related information and the organization of design forums. Today, the website has developed into a large medium platform consisting of 15 medium-sized websites, independent yet linked with each other to ensure the interaction between websites and their members. It is composed of 11 channels, namely, HDA, figures, exhibition, contest, fashion, organization, resource, books, creation, recruitment, and forum.

The traffic of Designers is 100,000 per day. And it has established cooperative relationship with over 90 large or medium-sized brother websites to ensure the interactions among websites.

主 任:何人可 魏春雨
成 员:马建成 朱和平 李小山 杨建觉 吴德斌 何 辉 郑林生 彭建军 蒋涤非 傅忠诚 戴 端
顾 问:陈大卫 龙兆曙
总 监:马建成

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